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Pay: $7.75


Pay: $9.37

All potential applicants MUST meet the Minimum Qualifications


  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Must be able to pass all criminal background checks

  • Must have a valid driver’s license to be placed on agency insurance and drive agency vehicles.

  • Within 30 days of employment, must be Pediatric CPR & First Aid certified and have a clear TB skin test

  • Must be a steady reliable worker



Preferred: CDA or one year state awarded ECE certificate and previous teaching experience with special needs children.

Minimum: High School Diploma or GED and previous experience in working with children birth to 5 years of age.

Benefits: earned as outlined personnel policies

Assistance in paying for required training.

  • This position is responsible for substituting in the classroom in the absence of teaching staff in a supportive and cooperation role carrying out developmentally appropriate activities that promote the health, safety and development needs of the children. Does not supervise.

  • Length of employment is determined by child enrollment, funding and program’s need.

  • Assist the classroom teacher in setting the environment for activities of the day as well as performing activities. 

  • Use developmentally appropriate practices to facilitate activities with groups and individual children.

  • Help promote communication, play and socialization between children in the classroom.

  • Perform required care-giving activities as needed for children (i.e. feeding, toileting, dressing, etc.)

  • As directed by Education staff or teaching staff, implement behavior management techniques and monitor progress & effectiveness.

  • Observe record and monitor children’s behaviors in the classroom to assist the teacher in documenting assessment data.  

  • Demonstrate capabilities to actively supervise children and respond to behavioral issues with appropriate behavior management processes. 

  • Utilize lesson plans at the direction of Education Staff which reflect mandated elements and promote the development of children.

  • Follow a consistent schedule as established in the classroom which is assigned as a substitute.

  • Provide an atmosphere that promotes children to experiment, explore, problem solve, cooperate and socialize.

  • Listen and respond to children with respect.

  • Follow all agency policies and procedures. 

  • Ensure that professional ethics and confidentiality are maintained.

  • Be an advocate for all children, families, and this agency.

  • Take advantage of available training in the education field.

  • Report any problems or concerns to the Program Assistant and/or Executive Director.



Experience in custodial duties.

  • This position is responsible for performing custodial duties & minor repairs as well as assisting in sanitation control and checks for safety hazards. 

  • This position does not supervise any other employee.

  • Performs cleaning & janitorial duties

  • Be accessible if needed to clean up after an accident or potty accident.

  • Keeps janitor closet neat and orderly and turns in supply orders to kitchen cook or submits purchase requests to executive director

  • Assist in checking school for safety hazards and reports deficiency

  • Assists in control of sanitation & adhere to safety data sheets & practice chemical safety.

  • Adhere to center safety policies and practice safe working conditions

  • Takes out trash

  • Keep assigned areas in a neat & orderly fashion

  • Maintains walkways and ramps free of debris & in winter months, removes snow or ice and puts down deicer or salt

  • Maintain a good attitude and work as a team with other staff.

  • Report any problems or concerns to Executive Director