Pre-Employment Requirements

Pre-Employment Screening

The Hiring Process Part 2

Submission of Background Check

  • Once interviews for the position you applied for have been completed, select candidates background checks will be submitted for review.

  • You’ll receive an email response within 24 hours of the submission

  • JETS human resources will contact you to let you know your Background Check has been submitted and to expect the email.


Fingerprinting with IdentoGo

  • The email response will have a link to set up a Fingerprinting appointment with IdentoGo.

  • IdentoGo conducts their fingerprinting appointments on Thursday’s at WTC’s College on the Square at 1806 26th Street, Snyder, TX 79549.

  • JETS pays the fingerprinting fee and will require you to send proof of your appointment confirmation and appointment cost.

  • On the day of fingerprinting, come to the JETS Admin office to pick up your check.

  • After the appointment, return the receipt to JETS.

  • Link for more information on IdentoGo:


Results and Hiring

  • Results normally take around 72 hours to come back to us. Once we’ve received the results Human Resources will reach out to you.