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Staff Training & Requirements 

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The following Annual Training list lists by hours-needed the training that All Staff MUST have as dictated by Minimum Standards.


It is required that every staff member receives Certificates for each of these trainings and that their certificate is current for the school year. 

Most certificates are valid for 1 year after the award date. Some certificates list an expiration date and the certificate will be valid until it expires. Should a certificate that is not a degree awarded from a college or university, claim to never expire, staff are still required to complete a yearly training that falls under the category of the topic Minimum Standards has listed.

JETS HR Team keeps up with all staff's training records and sends out training at the time around a person's hire date. Since most certificates are valid for 1 year, if an employee completes their training on or around their hire date yearly they will be consistently in compliance with Child Care Licensing, as is our goal.

The JETS HR Team keeps copies of staff certificates digitally in the ChildPlus System in a place easily accessible to present to Child Care Licensing. Because staff are required to submit the certificates to HR via email, staff will also have a running record of their current and past certificates in their email inbox. We encourage staff to keep certificate files independently as well should they need them to submit for CDA renewal, Portfolio's, or otherwise. 


JETS Orientation and Pre-Service covers the 24 hours and can be found at the page using the button below.

Training Checklist by Hours Needed

Print this list and use it to mark off which training you have completed.

There is also a PDF Version available to view, print, or download below!

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