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Human Resources

This page provides information one might need from Human Resources.

The HR Change Log 


Click here to submit changes to HR systems and documents

The HR Change Log Spreadsheet


Click here to view the HR Change Log Spreadsheet.

This log provides a linear view of all things that are updated under Human Resources.

Human Resource Information for Licensing


Click here to view how to find Personnel Information.


Staff Training Certificates

Please Note:

Only staff members with previously granted  access to the documentation above can view or make changes.

Workers Compensation

I have been injured and need to submit documentation

All Workers Compensation and Employee Injury related documentation can be found in the following folder linked below:

Worker's Comp Folder

Worker's Comp Instructions

Employee Accident Form

Injury Report

Please note, that you must be logged into your account to view these documents.

Baby with Stethoscope

Change to personnel information

I have recently moved, gotten a new phone number, or gotten married. What do I do?

First fill the  following Google Form:

Personnel Update Form

I have changed my name, what steps do I need to take for my name change to reflect on my company documentation?

HR will need copies of your updated Driver's License & Social Security Card to update your information. Once you have turned in these documents these changes will be made: 

  • Your updated information will be submitted to

    • DFPS Child Care Licensing Background Check Request​

    • JETS Car Insurance Policy

  • Your name will change on

    • ChildPlus​

    • your email address

    • our website

    • your timesheet

    • your W-2's

I need help changing my name.

Once you have received your marriage certificate or other legal documentation of a name change, you will need to change your drivers license and social security card.

Follow these tips:

  1. Schedule an appointment to change/update your Driver's License.

  2. Take documentation and receive a Temporary Paper License

  3. Schedule an appointment to change/update your Social Security Card.

    1. If you cannot visit an office,

    2. Make a copy of your paper license and fill out this form:

      1. Form SS-5

    3. Mail in the form and your copy of your Temporary Paper License.​

  4. Receive new documents in the mail

  5. Present new documents to Human Resources.

ID Tag Card

Annual Training

I need help finding all my training for the year.

Visit our Google Classroom: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT to find the PDST - Professional Development & Staff Training Plan document. Follow the past assignments to find the posted training for the year. Most training can be found at the following sites.

Child Care Education Institute:

Texas A&M Agrilife:

Classroom Lecture
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