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Staff Education

Western Texas College Degree Plans


Child Development Certificate

6 CDEC classes to be taken:

3 in the fall and 3 in the spring.

This is the minimum requirement for most all teaching staff. This certificate is the equivalent of a CDA

Early Childhood Education Certificate

6 additional courses to the CDC/CDA equivalent. These courses are a necessary addition in order to attain the ECE AA.

Early Childhood Education Associate of Arts

The ECE AA requires the combined 12 courses of the previous certificates as well as 6 general studies courses and 2 final CDEC classes.
This degree is the minimum requirement for Head Start Teachers.

JETS partners with Western Texas College (WTC) to ensure that our teachers receive quality education with certificates and degrees recommended to us by the Office of Head Start to ensure staff competency.

Sending Staff to School

New staff members when onboarding will sign JETS Staff Education Policy as part of their training and professional development. All education staff without prior degrees will begin attending WTC to attain their Child Development Certificate.

JETS  provides financial assistance to attend WTC. Each staff member will follow JETS College Registration Plan to first apply for Financial Aid. Staff will also present proof of classes registered for the semester to ensure they are following an approved degree plan.

Head Start Program Performance Standards states that: A program must ensure all staff... engaged in the delivery of program services have sufficient knowledge, training and experience, and competencies to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of their positions... A program must provide ongoing training and professional development to support staff in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

Community Growth

JETS prides ourselves on making quality education available to not only our students but our staff as well. We believe that through furthering education we are allowing our community to thrive.

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