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Dedicated & Qualified teachers

certified in CPR and First Aid.

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Rios Susan.png

Susan Rios

Executive Director

Fritz Kim.png

Kim Fritz

Fiscal Director

Furgerson Jennifer.png

Jennifer Furgerson

Education, Health,

& Family Services Manager

Rodrigez Jennifer.png

Jennifer Rodriguez

Education Services
& Technology Coordinator

Hebert Tiffany.png

Tiffany Hebert

Disabilities & Mental Health

Services Coordinator

Correa Collyns.png

Collyns R Correa

Executive Assistant

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Walker Laurie.png

Laurie Walker

Data & Safety Manager

Guzman Monique.png

Monique Guzman

Family & Community

Engagement Coordinator

Flores Christina.png

Christina Flores

ERSEA & Family Coordinator

Perez Esperanza.png

Esperanza Perez

Family & Health Coordinator

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