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Support Position - Custodian

Support Position - Substitute

Updated 11/28/2023


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Are You Interested in a Career in Early Childhood Education?

Teaching Positions

All teaching positions at JETS require at minimum a High School Diploma or GED to be hired. Once hired teachers must then actively pursue a Child Development Associate for which JETS will provide financial support.


Current teaching positions are:

  • Head Start Teacher - Preferred Bachelors Degree

  • Head Start Assistant Teacher - Preferred Associates Degree

  • Early Head Start Teacher - Preferred Associates Degree

  • Child Care Teacher - Preferred Child Development Certificate

  • Mentor Teacher - Preferred Associates Degree +5 years experience

Elementary Classroom

Support Positions

Support Positions at JETS cover a wide array of services and are listed as follows.

  • Center Aide - Minimum: GED/High School Diploma, Preferred: CDA

  • Special Needs Aide - Preferred CDA

  • Substitute - Minimum: GED/High School Diploma

  • Kitchen Staff - Minimum: Food Handlers Certification, Preferred: Food Safety Manager Training and Texas Certification

  • Custodian - Minimum: Custodial Experience

Group Hug

Management Positions

Most management positions require degrees or certificates in fields related to their daily job functions. Listed by each position will be a brief view of the minimum and preferred requirements.

  • Assistant Director - Pref: BA in Early Childhood Education

  • Data & Safety Manager - Pref: Technology or Business Certificate

  • Disabilities & Mental Health Coordinator -  Pref: AA in Early Childhood Education

  • Education Services Coordinator  -  Pref: BA Early Childhood Education

  • Education, Health, & Family Services Manager - Pref: BA in Early Childhood Education

  • ERSEA & Family Coordinator - Pref: AA in Early Childhood Education

  • Executive Director - Min: BA in Human Resources, Business, Fiscal or related; Pref: BA in ECE, Human Services, or Administration.

  • Executive Assistant - Min: Technology or Business Certificate; Pref: BA in Business Administration 

  • Family & Community Engagement Coordinator - Pref AA in Early Childhood Education

  • Family & Education Coordinator - Pref: Certificate in Human Services, Early Childhood Education, Social Work, Sociology, Health, Psychology, Special Education, or related.

  • Family & Health Coordinator - Pref: AA in Early Childhood Education

  • Fiscal Director - Min: BA in Accounting, Business, Fiscal Management; Pref: Certified Public Accountant

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