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to JETS!

Executive Director Susan Rios, and myself, would like to happily welcome you to our staff and agency. Jumpstart Enrichment for Tomorrow’s Students is a place of love and learning, where children and their families are nurtured and valued as they grow for the betterment of the entire community. We could not be happier that you’ve chosen to partner with us in our ongoing endeavor to provide quality education to the children in our community.  ​ TRAINING Your training will be split between Human Resources and the Education Dept. You will be participating in JETS Orientation & Pre-Service with the HR Team then go through New Teacher Training with the Education Dept. Links to Orientation and Pre-Service Training can be found further down this page. ​ FACILITY ACCESS JETS employees are required to have on their person at all times their Name Badge with your entrance Key Card, and a walkie talkie that remains on site. If you have been assigned a classroom you will also receive a set of keys.  JETS employees are also required to check their work email at least twice a day. ​ DIGITAL ACCESS JETS Technology Team keeps a record of usernames, passwords, and pin numbers. Usernames are given out in the format of First Name Initial + Last Name. (ex: Jane Doe = JDoe). Passwords are a 10-digit combination of Letters, Number, & Symbols. JETS uses gmail for agency emails. Please try to limit your use of this email to strictly professional and work related usage. JETS staff is preloaded into the contacts.  ​ JETS values the hard work, effort, dedication, and love that comes from each of our staff members and we expect only quality work from these individuals as the community has come to expect a quality agency from us. We look forward to watching you grow as an educator as you help us in “Creating the leaders of tomorrow with the children of today.”



Bloodborne Pathogens


Food Handlers


Food Allergies



Minimum Standards


Adult & Pediatric
CPR/First Aid/ AED

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Texas A&M 2022

Texas Annual Training


Pre-Service Phase 1 Presentation


Beginning Teacher Series


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Orientation Links Prior to 2022

Medication Administration ​ Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect ​

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