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4 Safety Tips for the Fourth

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Be Summer Smart - Hot summers in Texas can be sweltering. That being said, don’t forget your summer basics like hats (especially for little ones!), sunglasses, and most importantly Sunscreen! Reapplying sunscreen isn’t just for water activities either. It should be reapplied at least every other hour if you’re not in the water and to get the best coverage, should have an SPF of at least 15. The FDA has some great information on Sunscreen (how to apply and store, how to read the label) here: Be Water Weary - There’s nothing better than water play to keep us and our little ones cool than getting a little pool time. Remember that children should never be unsupervised in bodies of water, even with floaties or life vests. If you’re at a natural body of water where there’s no lifeguard, nominate one! Children 5 and under should always be within arms length of a responsible adult or young adult. For more water safety visit this page from :

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate - Sugary sodas are many people’s go-to’s when it comes to quenching our thirst but a Texas summer really requires an ample water intake to fight off dehydration. Little bodies require at least half of the adege 8 cups. Our tots will be more likely to drink water if it’s ice cold. I remember my little one asking for “nice cold water” Little ones tend to shy away from boring water, so try out these fun hydration tips from

Don’t Forget the Fireworks - and definitely never leave your children alone with them. Even sparklers can cause severe burns on tiny hands. As parents we often forget that our kids haven’t been around the block as long as we have, so what we call “common sense” is unknown territory. Take the time to teach your children how to handle any and every type of fun you might allow them to handle on their own. Demonstrate the proper way to dispose of these so that “duds” are a safe distance away from where everyone is gathered, but not so far away you can’t stop a potential fire.

For more on Firework Safety, check out AllProDad’s 10 firework safety tips:

Whether it’s your little ones first Fourth, or not, it’s always good to take a moment of pause before the fun starts and set a few safety rules. Moments like this can help keep our outings safe and fun. Want more tips for the 4th? Check out’s 10 Tips for a Safe Fourth of July:

JETS Executive Assistant, Collyns Rodriquez

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