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JETS in the time of COVID Update #1

Jumpstart Enrichment for Tomorrow’s Students is preparing for our school opening on Tuesday, September 8th. Precautionary measures are being taken to ensure the safety of both the children we serve and our staff.

As recommended by Texas Health and Human Services, we are following the federal and state health protocols for serving children in child care which is following the CDC released: Guidance for Child Care Programs that Remain Open.

Based on this we are creating plans for our facility around the following prevention measures:

  • Implement social distancing strategies

  • Intensifying cleaning and disinfection efforts

  • Modifying drop-off and pick-up procedures

  • Implementing screening procedures upon arrival

Other preventative measures:

  • We have ensured that all child care providers have taken required health and safety training related to COVID-19 through the Texas A&M AgrilLife extension.

  • We are requiring that sick children and staff stay home.

  • Procedures are being made to seamlessly handle situations if a child or staff member becomes sick while at the facility. Such as having an isolation room and having dedicated facility aides who only work in specific classrooms.

  • Plans are being made for staff absenteeism

  • All classes will include the same group of children each day, children will not migrate to different classrooms.

  • Access to the center is being limited

    • Any but the following may be prohibited

      • Operation Staff

      • Licensing staff, Persons with legal authorization, law enforcement, and DFPS

      • Professionals providing services

      • Enrolled Children

    • Volunteers and parent volunteers are being limited to an absolute minimum.

Parent drop-off and pick-up procedures are still in the works. Parents will be contacted with their drop off and pick up times.

  • Drop-off and Pick-up will be staggered

  • Hygiene stations have been put in place

  • Staff will walk all children to their classrooms

  • Social distancing will be observed

One of the social distancing strategies we are enforcing is that most classrooms will be doing meal times in their classrooms. However, to promote school readiness, we are allowing our eldest grade levels to eat in designated areas of the cafeteria to ensure that there is plenty of open space.

More updates are soon to follow.

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