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5 Fun Summer Activities

Sidewalk Ice Paint

  • Mix a cup of water and a cup of cornstarch together.

  • Pour into an ice tray and add your colors to them.

  • mix with popsicle sticks and freeze them.

  • Then, you can go and draw on the sidewalk with them.

Bubble Painting

  • Mix bubbles with food coloring.

  • Get different types of bubble blowers.

  • Then, blow the bubbles onto the canvas.

Shadow Drawing

  • Let your child pick out some toys, animals are great choices.

  • Put the toys to where the make a good shadow on the canvas.

  • Then, you can let your child draw the shadow.

Fork Flower Stamps

  • You can make stems for flowers.

  • Then, let your child stamp paint on top of the stem with a plastic fork to create a flower.

Fish puppets

  • Trace and cut out your child’s hand.

  • Glue them on a popsicle stick pinky side of the hand facing down.

  • Add eyes and a mouth.

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