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Volunteer Needed!

Hello! My name is Collyns Correa and I am a Human Resources Representative here at JETS. I am looking for a volunteer or volunteers with a specific set of skills to help me create a better system for hiring Spanish speaking individuals.

My Volunteer Needs:

  • Spanish speaking volunteer

  • Who can read and write in Spanish

  • And has moderate computer skills.

Volunteering Tasks

  • Help translate or check the translation of current hiring documents.

    • Such as: Presentations, Policy Documents, Training Quizzes

  • Check for translation errors

  • Check for understanding or clearness of instructions

  • Assist in recordings for future long term use of hiring documents.

This is no small task and would require many hours if not days of your time but it would be a huge help and a wonderful resource for bringing on Spanish speaking individuals to our team.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact us.

Phone: (325) 574-8676

Cell: (325) 573-7403

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