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Would You Like to Volunteer?

Because we'd love to have you!

Volunteering at JETS is an extremely rewarding experience that benefits the children, the volunteers, and the center! Whether it's just dropping in for a few minutes or visiting our little ones everyday, every minute of Volunteering can help you make connections, advance your career, and bring your life a sense of fulfillment. Volunteering at JETS is also a way of giving back to our community!

Did you know that volunteering your time helps JETS to reach our in-kind* goal of $326,593 for the 2020-2021 year?

There are tons of things to do around the center like decorating classroom doors and bulletin boards, tagging along on Field Trips, and assisting in center activities. Other ways to volunteer would be to serve as a Parent Representative, serve on the Policy Council, and serve on the Board of Directors. You can even volunteer from home!

Every Minute Counts!

For every minute you participate in a take home activity like our “Read with Me” program, you’re earning dollars towards our yearly in-kind* goal. Another type of Volunteering is Donating! Your donation to JETS helps continue the commitment to our children, their families, and the community. All donations to JETS are tax deductible.

*Q: What is in-kind? A: In-Kind is a payment in goods or services as opposed to money.

Volunteering is for Everyone!

We accept all ages of Volunteers

If you're under the age of 18, you are more than welcome to come and spend a few hours with us!

Read the following excerpts from our Parent Handbook to learn a little more about expectations of a JETS volunteer.

Volunteer Policies

The following guidelines have been established for people who want to volunteer. These are for the protection and benefit of all the children.

  • All volunteers must sign in on the sign-in sheet at the data manager desk and on the volunteer sheet in the classroom.

  • Regular volunteers must participate in an orientation, submit a background check and sign a confidentiality statement and adhere to it as well as the agency policies and procedures.

  • All children of JETS are to be treated equally and respectfully.

  • The teacher has set up the classroom schedule, made lesson plans, and set behavior guidelines. All volunteers and visitors will respect these preparations and will assist in carrying them out. The teaching staff are responsible to maintain discipline and guidance.

  • If a parent signs up as a volunteer and travels with the group, they must stay with the group until they return to the center. A parent may take their own vehicle and join the group as long as they do not interfere with the planned program and agree to abide by these guidelines.

  • All volunteers must follow the rules that staff follow, such as the following:

    • No outside food or drink.

    • No cell phone use while in the presence of the children.

    • No cursing or foul language.

    • Must dress appropriately to work with small children.

    • No gossiping or causing problems with other staff or parents.

  • Volunteers are asked to please keep their cell phones on vibrate or silent while in the building. Using the cell in classrooms is not allowed.

  • No taking pictures while volunteering is allowed.

  • Our program maintains a TOBACCO-FREE, DRUG-FREE, ALCOHOL-FREE environment for the children. No volunteer or visitor may use any form of TOBACCO, DRUGS, OR ALCOHOL anywhere on school grounds, whether at the center or on field trips.

  • No firearms of any kind are permitted on center property. Having a permit does not exclude anyone from this policy of no firearms allowed.


Ways to Volunteer: Parents, Families or the Community

  • Volunteering in classrooms

  • Helping office staff

  • Preparing class activities at home

  • Participating in the Literacy Library program that promotes reading to your child

  • Educating classrooms

  • Decorating doors, bulletins, the center

  • Helping on field trips

  • Center events or activities

  • Cleaning or maintenance of the facility and play ground

  • Helping teachers develop lesson plans

  • Attending parent committee meetings

  • Serving on the policy council and attending policy council meetings

  • Serving on agency committees

  • Ask a Family Advocate or Teacher how you can Volunteer

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